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What headaches do you have with Document Management?

Document Management

Document management has changed enormously over the past 40 years. Originally we’d capture information on paper, archive this paperwork into our storage solution (filing cabinet or even a storage unit). Then, whenever we needed that paperwork for ongoing use, we’d need to retrieve it and hope it had been filed accurately. 










Now we have wonderful solutions that allow us to digitise our paperwork. We can document everything on computers, email these documents to people who may need access and then file them away for future use digitally. We also receive lots of documents too, these documents also need to be analysed, and filed for records. This filing of the documents is still required to be accurate as we need to make sure we place it in the correct folder, with the right access for people, so anyone who needs to see it can find it easily. 

It is this filing of the documents we create and receive that can be the issue. There are often times when documents can be misfiled and therefore lost. One person may file in one area and another in another location, making it so much harder to retrieve when the information is required again. 


Retrieving Documents

Yes, it is easy to retrieve an email quickly if you know the content of what you are looking for and it can be fairly easy if the document has been filed electronically in the right electronic file. However, what if it is a PDF document? What if the document has been put back in the wrong file? Or if the file has been taken out of the office or somebody else has taken it? What happens if the files are kept offsite from the office or in different software applications like CRMs and accounting packages? What time is wasted in retrieving the information and what is the cost? This time is money spent by the business and stressful to the organisation. There are so many touch points with the filing of documents that it has to be logged as a risk to the company.


At DWS we’re not just about printing and copying the documents in paper format, we also have solutions to allow you to accurately share and file these documents too. 

When you have a document that you need to file, whether this is an invoice, personal information, client contract or anything else, then you can do it securely and accurately with DWS. 


Benefits of our document management system

Our document workflow solution enables you to scan a document on one of our Xerox machines and then intelligently index this document and put it into a suitable workflow. This enables you to have your documents stored securely, all in one place, with fully controlled access. 

More benefits for you to consider…

  • All of your documents will be automatically filed at speed with very little manual interaction
  • Information can be found immediately at the touch of a button on any device in the world. 
  • Total compliance and security of your information, meaning you don’t have to worry about theft of information on penalties for non compliance. 
  • The ability to share information and work on projects together at a distance. 
  • No need to store documents in the office or at a large storage facility. 
  • The ability to integrate all of your documents with your CRM, accounting package and any other third party software suites you employ. 

If you’d like to see how DWS can help you with your document management contact us today for a full, free office check. 


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