Increase productivity with Xerox Connectkey

Software solutions simplify everyday tasks, leaving you to focus on more complex issues to drive your core business. Xerox’s cutting edge technology allows you to:
Xerox multifunction printers do so much more than print, copy, scan and fax. When integrated with Xerox Connectkey, they boost your productivity. Using smart technology, you can get the job done more efficiently, reducing costs and staying competitive.

Xerox ConnectKey – share to the Cloud

ConnectKey delivers all the benefits of cloud computing to your Xerox multifunction printer.
Simplicity is what makes Xerox ConnectKey so effective. Your printer becomes a powerful and indispensable hub, creating an office at your fingertips.

Mobile Print – enjoy true print freedom

Although smartphones and tablets have changed the way we work, printing on the go still presents a challenge. With Mobile Print, Xerox enables you to print wherever and whenever you want.
Office Print
Office Print

PrintSafe – protect confidential information

In today’s connected world, keeping documents secure is harder than ever. Compliance with privacy regulations is now a legal requirement and often a management headache. Xerox PrintSafe provides an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.

PrintSafe is easy to install and supports not only Xerox printers but other brands of print device. It’s a software solution that grows with your business, as you add more printers to your network.

Easy Translator – compete in a global market

Traditional translation services are expensive and labour intensive. So Xerox have developed a comprehensive translation tool using cloud technology that speeds up your product/service delivery.

Easy Translator allows you to translate documents at high speed and low cost. It’s the ideal software for businesses needing a quick alternative to traditional translation in order to compete globally.
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