What joys, and/or frustrations do you have managing information coming into your business?

In todays business, we haven’t totally gone paperless and I imagine companies like yourselves are still receiving hard copy documentation, as well as electronic documents via email. The big question is how do you handle all of this? Could a digital mailroom be your answer?

If you looked into managing this yourself, many internal processes would have to be designed, to ensure information isn’t lost. You’d also need processes in place to share that information accurately and ensure it is still stored correctly. 

Perhaps our Digital Mailroom is the answer to the frustrations you have with managing information in your business. 

What is a Digital Mailroom?

A Digital Mailroom is a place where your incoming post is dealt with.  Then it is stored in the same way by everyone no matter what format it is received in.

Paper documents are scanned in  while emails can be automatically stored from an inbox. 


How can a DIgital Mailroom work for my business?

There are many benefits to having this solution in your business. Take a look at some below:

  • A reduction in postage – When everything is stored in one place and is easily accessible, it means everyone in the business can view what they need to, and nothing is required to be sent in the mail.  
  • A reduction in print – Documents can be stored electronically. Nothing is required to be printed and stored in a filing system. 
  • A reduction in physical storage – As no documents are required to be printed, less storage space is required. This reduces the amount of space required for the business. 
  • A reduction in staff costs – The amount of work opening and filing documents is reduced. There is little filing and manually posting of documents, then can all be completed electronically and automatically, reducing the volume of staff required in a manned mailing room. 

As well as the above points a digital mailroom can be tailored to suit any business and their processes and requirements. A good return on investment will always be seen by adopting a digital mailroom solution. 

How do I implement a Digital Mailroom?

If you are considering installing a digital mailroom in your business then we offer free process assessments that can help.  We will chat with you about how you currently work, understand the challenges you are facing and explain how an automated solution will streamline your processes. 

Once you choose to go ahead, we will ensure the solution is installed into your business correctly and embedded into your processes so you and your employees know how to use the software effectively. 


Next Steps

If you’d like more information please contact us info@dwsl.co.uk / 01444 462980


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