The benefits of DocuWare


How it works – capture, organise, store & access

Each document is converted into a digital file, regardless of its source or format.

There is only ever one version. This version never moves. It stays in a central place and simply becomes visible when it’s needed. The original cannot be deleted in error.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), each document is scanned and categorised. It’s indexed with important metadata, based on its content. For example, this could be a customer number, order reference or the date the document was created. You choose the indexing criteria. Once filed, the search function allows you to find that document at any time, anywhere, with the click of a button.

Order is restored and the paper mountain in your office becomes a distant memory.

Streamlining processes & safeguarding data

Without installing any software on your PC, you can use DocuWare online to store, view, download and modify documents. Documents of all types, both in physical and electronic format – orders, invoices, letters, proposals, spreadsheets, drawings, contracts, customer records etc.

The information is securely stored in the cloud. After entering a user ID, you’ll find yourself in familiar territory. Access is controlled and trackable, protecting your most vital information from prying eyes.

Certain data must be stored in accordance with guidelines and legislation defined by regulatory bodies and trade associations. DocuWare enables your organisation to meet these ethical and legal requirements. It determines a retention period for stored documents, automatically deleting or archiving data when it expires.

The DWS approach – supportive and staggered

Docuware is an affordable workflow solution suited to forward-thinking organisations of any size, in any industry. Whilst many companies love the concept, they also find it daunting. We’re a generation of paper addicts at heart, who’ve been taught to keep a hard copy of everything… just in case.

DWS are here to guide you through the process. We define your storage and workflow needs, then create a strategy to meet them in terms of scalability and cost-effectiveness. We adopt a gradual, staged approach, starting with a single department such as Accounts, perhaps moving on to HR (DocuWare securely integrates with all existing back end systems). We train and support you, reducing your workload rather than adding to it. By learning to work electronically and scan from the outset, we focus your efforts on moving your business forward.

Think of DocuWare as a tailor-made, online filing cabinet. A filing cabinet with limitless capacity and 24/7 accessibility, that’s well organised, never jams and never overflows. An indispensable tool for making your business super efficient and secure.

Combine cloud computing with DocuWare’s intelligent and intuitive software to future-proof your business.