Managed Print Services

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services involve all aspects of your business printing. With DWS we administer your printing processes to ensure these are streamlined. We ensure these processes make your business work more efficiently and effectively, are secure and user-friendly. 

In a working environment, print is often seen as an unavoidable cost that just needs to be paid. However, there are ways that you can make it more cost effective for your business. 


Do you know how much you currently spend on your print production, supplies and maintenance? 

Few businesses have a print strategy in place. As businesses expand they add more and more hardware in a reactive way, rather than considering the cost of everything separately. Employees tend to have their own personal printers at their desks. The thought is that these are more secure and economical than network multifunctional printers, but, this is not the case. 


How can we help?

Through our managed print services we can help you to gain visibility of the printing you currently complete and the amount you are spending on that printing. 

We will then review your current processes and implement new operations to ensure a smooth running of your business. These new processes will make your operations more sleek, efficient and cost effective. 


What does Managed Print Services involve?

When you choose to have managed print services you will benefit from having intelligent printers and copiers that will support your business. Your new printers and copiers will only use colour ink when necessary. They will track your print usage and provide reporting to show full details. You will not have to order ink or toner manually as your printer will automatically order this before it runs out. Engineers are on hand to fix any faults before they become a major problem to your business.

These printers and copiers are proactive and self-sufficient. You and your team will be able to complete your actual job roles, rather than spending time fixing small issues, ordering any required materials or wondering how much budget is required for your printing needs. 

What are the benefits of managed print for your business?


As we mentioned in the section above, reporting is one of the great bonuses of this technology. With these printers and scanners, you can track, analyse and allocate the cost of every document. This reporting provides you with improved accountability. 


With the use of a security code, every user can have private access to the printers and scanners. All confidential information will be protected, ensuring anyone without required access had no view of this documentation. 

Mobile Working 

Many businesses now have some form of remote working in place. With the technology of our printers and scanners your mobile workers can print to any of your devices in any location they choose. 

Automated Ordering 

Minimise the downtime of your printers and scanners! With our automated replenishment of ink and toner when your printer is starting to get low, you won’t have to consider reordering. You will have new ones before you run out. Our highly trainer engineers are also available to fix any issues on site so you will have reduced downtime due to issues. 

Eco Focused

As you will only have the ink and toner and paper you require, there is less wastage. All of our ink cartridges and toner cartridges are recyclable. Xerox is committed to responsible and environmental business practices. Our supplies recycling programmes have kept thousands of tons of supplies out of landfills. Find out more here.

Reduced Costs 

With managed print services, you gain fixed cost printing with our packages. As well as reducing the volume of printers needed, you can also monitor your usage and reduce as required. 


If only all office machinery were as proactive and self-sufficient! As a Xerox concessionaire, we have a product to suit every price point, with the option to lease or buy.

Contact us to find out more 


What joys, and/or frustrations do you have managing information coming into your business?

In todays business, we haven’t totally gone paperless and I imagine companies like yourselves are still receiving hard copy documentation, as well as electronic documents via email. The big question is how do you handle all of this? Could a digital mailroom be your answer?

If you looked into managing this yourself, many internal processes would have to be designed, to ensure information isn’t lost. You’d also need processes in place to share that information accurately and ensure it is still stored correctly. 

Perhaps our Digital Mailroom is the answer to the frustrations you have with managing information in your business. 

What is a Digital Mailroom?

A Digital Mailroom is a place where your incoming post is dealt with.  Then it is stored in the same way by everyone no matter what format it is received in.

Paper documents are scanned in  while emails can be automatically stored from an inbox. 


How can a DIgital Mailroom work for my business?

There are many benefits to having this solution in your business. Take a look at some below:

  • A reduction in postage – When everything is stored in one place and is easily accessible, it means everyone in the business can view what they need to, and nothing is required to be sent in the mail.  
  • A reduction in print – Documents can be stored electronically. Nothing is required to be printed and stored in a filing system. 
  • A reduction in physical storage – As no documents are required to be printed, less storage space is required. This reduces the amount of space required for the business. 
  • A reduction in staff costs – The amount of work opening and filing documents is reduced. There is little filing and manually posting of documents, then can all be completed electronically and automatically, reducing the volume of staff required in a manned mailing room. 

As well as the above points a digital mailroom can be tailored to suit any business and their processes and requirements. A good return on investment will always be seen by adopting a digital mailroom solution. 

How do I implement a Digital Mailroom?

If you are considering installing a digital mailroom in your business then we offer free process assessments that can help.  We will chat with you about how you currently work, understand the challenges you are facing and explain how an automated solution will streamline your processes. 

Once you choose to go ahead, we will ensure the solution is installed into your business correctly and embedded into your processes so you and your employees know how to use the software effectively. 


Next Steps

If you’d like more information please contact us / 01444 462980


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What headaches do you have with Document Management?

Document Management

Document management has changed enormously over the past 40 years. Originally we’d capture information on paper, archive this paperwork into our storage solution (filing cabinet or even a storage unit). Then, whenever we needed that paperwork for ongoing use, we’d need to retrieve it and hope it had been filed accurately. 










Now we have wonderful solutions that allow us to digitise our paperwork. We can document everything on computers, email these documents to people who may need access and then file them away for future use digitally. We also receive lots of documents too, these documents also need to be analysed, and filed for records. This filing of the documents is still required to be accurate as we need to make sure we place it in the correct folder, with the right access for people, so anyone who needs to see it can find it easily. 

It is this filing of the documents we create and receive that can be the issue. There are often times when documents can be misfiled and therefore lost. One person may file in one area and another in another location, making it so much harder to retrieve when the information is required again. 


Retrieving Documents

Yes, it is easy to retrieve an email quickly if you know the content of what you are looking for and it can be fairly easy if the document has been filed electronically in the right electronic file. However, what if it is a PDF document? What if the document has been put back in the wrong file? Or if the file has been taken out of the office or somebody else has taken it? What happens if the files are kept offsite from the office or in different software applications like CRMs and accounting packages? What time is wasted in retrieving the information and what is the cost? This time is money spent by the business and stressful to the organisation. There are so many touch points with the filing of documents that it has to be logged as a risk to the company.


At DWS we’re not just about printing and copying the documents in paper format, we also have solutions to allow you to accurately share and file these documents too. 

When you have a document that you need to file, whether this is an invoice, personal information, client contract or anything else, then you can do it securely and accurately with DWS. 


Benefits of our document management system

Our document workflow solution enables you to scan a document on one of our Xerox machines and then intelligently index this document and put it into a suitable workflow. This enables you to have your documents stored securely, all in one place, with fully controlled access. 

More benefits for you to consider…

  • All of your documents will be automatically filed at speed with very little manual interaction
  • Information can be found immediately at the touch of a button on any device in the world. 
  • Total compliance and security of your information, meaning you don’t have to worry about theft of information on penalties for non compliance. 
  • The ability to share information and work on projects together at a distance. 
  • No need to store documents in the office or at a large storage facility. 
  • The ability to integrate all of your documents with your CRM, accounting package and any other third party software suites you employ. 

If you’d like to see how DWS can help you with your document management contact us today for a full, free office check. 



Is your business as secure as it could be?

Has your business been impacted by a cyber attack? 

During 2022, 39% of UK businesses identified and reported a cyber attack on their company. These attacks ranged from common phishing attempts to sophisticated attacks such as a denial of service, malware, or ransomware attacks.

A significant portion of these businesses reported substantial financial losses within their organisations, due to these cybersecurity breaches. Specifically, one-third of surveyed organisations incurred losses ranging from £100,000 to £499,999 as a direct consequence. These findings come at a crucial juncture, with cyber attacks witnessing a noticeable uptick in frequency and sophistication.

The escalating capabilities of hackers, who continually leverage advanced technologies to enhance the intricacy of their attacks, emphasizes the critical need for businesses to enhance their IT security measures. In light of these evolving threats, organisations are urged to prioritise and enhance their cybersecurity efforts. They need to safeguard against potential financial and reputational damage.

Cyber Attack through IoT

How do hackers access your IT infrastructure?

As well as malware and phishing attempts, which are more widely known, there are also lesser known ways of accessing your infrastructure. Cybercriminals often look for previously unknown vulnerabilities in software or hardware that can be exploited before developers can patch them. The integration of modern technologies into office environments presents significant opportunities for hackers to operate. A substantial portion of these devices exhibit a notable lack of fundamental security features. 

This issue assumes greater importance in instances where manufacturers neglect to rectify these vulnerabilities, and when users fail to implement essential updates.

IoT devices, which are integral to many modern offices, often possess limited processing and storage capabilities when compared to traditional computing systems. This constraint poses challenges in the installation of robust security applications such as antivirus software. 

A substantial number of older models of IoT devices were not originally engineered with security considerations. This renders them incapable of receiving remote updates. Additionally, many businesses do not have security processes and procedures to monitor certain IoT devices. These devices could be printers, cameras, or television monitors. Concurrently, cybercrime has evolved to make it more accessible and cost-effective for hackers to acquire tools that facilitate high-volume, low-complexity attacks. These tactics are exceptionally effective at infiltrating a multitude of inadequately protected devices such as those mentioned above. 


The following is a well known example of a cyber security incident…

In 2019, cyber actors acquired data from a North American casino by compromising an internet-connected fish tank. The fish tank had sensors connected to a computer, which monitored the temperature, food, and cleanliness of the fish tank. The cyber actor was able to compromise the fish tank, gain access to other areas of the network through lateral movement, and steal data. The lesson here is anything within a business environment or home for that matter is vulnerable.


How can you ensure your IoT devices are more secure?

At Xerox security is of high priority. We understand that the impact of a cyber attack can be detrimental to businesses of any size. At Xerox we know a high volume of attacks can come from devices such as printers. 

Printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) are equipped with several secure print features to protect your organisation’s most sensitive data. Some of these features are shown below:

  • Documents are not released until the right user is at the device and scanned information is protected from unauthorised users.
  • Xerox also protects stored information, using the highest levels of encryption. 
  • Processed or stored data that is no longer required can be deleted using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Department of Defense approved data clearing and sanitisation algorithms.

Xerox software and apps ensure digital data is safeguarded as you share it via the cloud and mobile devices. 

Prevent cyber attacks to your business


What should you do to prevent a cyber attack?

If you’re concerned about a security breaches or cyber attack that could arise from your IoT devices, contact us at DWS to find out more about how our Xerox devices can help your business. 

01444 462980


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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is an essential part of our DWS/Xerox DNA

What does Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging actually mean?

Diversity in the workplace means that employees consist of individuals who bring new perspectives and backgrounds to the table. This refers to who is represented in the employees in a particular company. Some examples of diversity would be gender diversity, age diversity, ethnic diversity, physical ability and neurodiversity and sexual orientation diversity. 

Inclusion means that everyone in the diverse mix of employees feels involved, valued, respected and embedded into the culture of the business. 

When a business is diverse and inclusive then all employees have a sense of belonging. Employee engagement increases as those who feel included and represented are more likely to feel committed to their place of work. 


Xerox and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 

Diversity, Inclusion and belonging are not just words on paper for Xerox, they are part of the core values and they way that Xerox does business. Through teamwork, professionalism, respect and inclusiveness Xerox creates an environment where people can achieve their goals and make clients more successful. 

Xerox understands that happy employees make the workplace, and having strong values around Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging ensures that there are new ways of problem solving and diversity of thought. 



How do we foster an inclusive workplace?

Xerox has one of the most diverse workforces in the world. Our diverse talent is well represented in over 160 different countries around the world and women are especially celebrated with many role models in the company. Xerox has strengthened their leadership capabilities allowing them to take the lead in diversity across the board. Xerox are fair and transparent when it comes to employment, enabling equal opportunities for all. 


What are the benefits of Xerox being a Diverse and Inclusive workplace?

Having such a diverse workplace enables Xerox to have the benefit of different ways of looking at the business. This leads to innovative breakthroughs for customers and more engaging work for the employees.

Employee engagement is paramount at Xerox and having such strong values around diversity and inclusion is just one way in which every member of staff can be heard and feel valued. This is critical to the success of the Xerox name.

As a workplace that does have such strong values, Xerox knows that they can lead the way in the industry and create a foundation where people can be themselves, reach their potential and add substantial value to the work that is completed around the world for all customers.


How do Xerox embed a culture of diversity and inclusion?

Xeros recognises that diversity and inclusion is an area which can’t just have values written on paper and not acted upon. Xerox works endlessly to promote strategies around diversity initiatives to embed them solidly into the company. 

Some of those strategies are outlined here:

  • Our balanced workforce strategy drives equitable people representation in all areas of our company, all around the world.
  • Our work-life programs assist our people in the many aspects of their personal lives. We are pleased that Xerox has been selected as a 2020 Best Companies for Multicultural Women by Working Mother magazine—an honor recognizing companies that create and use best practices in hiring, retaining, and promoting multicultural women in the United States.
  • We educate all of our people on diversity programs, policies and achievements. And, we ensure diversity, inclusion and belonging principles are communicated to all of our people.
  • We continually develop and evolve strategies that leverage diversity to gain a competitive global advantage and to drive market excellence.
  • Our supplier diversity program ensures we are actively committed to purchasing supplies and products from small and diverse enterprises.
  • We address diversity disparities by being transparent, identifying shortfalls and closing those gaps. Read our CSR Progress Summary.
  • We have multiple employee resource groups (ERGs) that focus on member development, engagement, belonging, support and community. These voluntary, employee-led, underrepresented groups foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and play a tremendous role in creating our company culture.

[source Xerox]



Xerox are proud that their values around Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are recognised worldwide and have been privileged to be acknowledged with several awards, including:

“Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality” by the HRC Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index. Xerox has earned a 100% score every year since the survey’s inception.

Xerox has been recognized as a Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) by The Age Friendly Institute

Xerox was also named Top 50 companies for Diversity.

Xerox has been recognised by Disability IN as one of the “2023 Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities”. 

Xerox has been recognized by VETS Indexes for our commitment to recruiting, hiring, retaining, developing, and supporting veterans and the military-connected community.

Xerox has been recognized by Black Enterprise for their unwavering commitment to creating a diverse work environment.


At DWS we are privileged to be associated with a company who are leading the way in having a diverse and inclusive workforce, who not only notices their employees but also goes above and beyond to listen to them and use the diversity for better success.


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Achieving your sustainability goals by choosing the right supplier – Xerox!

Here at DWS sustainability is our responsibility and our promise. As an authorised Xerox Concessionaire we align our values with Xerox. We’re proud of the steps Xerox is taking in preserving our environment.


Targets and Achievements 

Xerox aim to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2040. Initially targets were set in 2003 and since then huge achievements have been made in achieving these objectives. 

  • Between the first baseline year of 2002 and 2016, 320,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) was eliminated
  • In 2016, a goal was created to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by an additional 25% by 2025. This was achieved by year-end 2019.
  • The focus is now to reduce Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by at least 60% by 2030. This is against the company’s 2016 baseline, in line with the ambitious 1.5°C science-based global warming target. This means emissions will have reduced by 85% as compared to emissions in the company’s original 2002 baseline.
  • For Scope 3, the target is to reduce emissions by 35%. This equates to a reduction of over 300,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Source – Xerox


Enhancing Processes

Xerox is a company initially built around printers and copiers. In todays world this has expanded to more digital forms of sharing and securing data. Introducing software such as DocuShare® and FreeFlow® has enabled Xerox and their customers to reduce paper consumption. However, Xerox still recognises there is an obligation to responsibly source paper and enable efficient paper use.

A partnership with Print ReLeaf has given customers the opportunity to contribute to reforestation. The  “You print one, we’ll plant one,”initiative was introduced. By using reporting they can equate the number of trees planted in reforestation in areas of need to reach sustainability targets. 

Chemicals are required during the printing process and throughout the years toxic chemicals have been removed. This reduces the flow of these harmful substances into our water and air and supports with sustainability.

In addition to chemicals other waste is produced therefore Xerox established measures to reduce waste. The collection and reuse / recycling program now results in millions of cartridges and toner containers returned for reuse or recycling each year. Through the Xerox Green World Alliance programme 2.1 million cartridges, toner and containers and other used supply items, equating to 4,400 metric tons have been recycled or reused. 


Sustainability Awards

This year Xerox was proud to achieve the ENERGY STAR® 2023 Partner of the Year Award for Sustainable Excellence.

ENERGY STAR Award Winners are recognised for their industry leadership in manufacturing and marketing energy-efficient products and services. They are also recognised for their commitment to devising and implementing strategies that generate significant savings in our home, structures, and facilities. All to establish a sustainable and healthy environment. 


Xerox® Adaptive Colour

How are you going to stand out now the race for business is on, as Lockdown draws to a close?

Well, you can shine and glow with more than a million colours at your disposal and really broadcast your message.

In this day and age where email marketing campaigns are losing their impact, more than ever it is important to advertise your business and stand out against the crowd to get your message across. The printed word with images is taking centre stage again and with targeted bespoke marketing you can really get your key unique selling points to the audience you wish to engage with and obtain powerful results.

How can you do this?

The Ground-breaking Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit adds shiny metallics, bold whites, and glowing fluorescent colours extending your palette to more than a million colours using 11 new toners.

That means more opportunity to bring ideas to life. And more ways to get printed pieces noticed and setting you apart from the competition in your business sector.

The invitation that shines and glows and brings a unique quality to the message.

A metallic texture that looks real to touch on a poster or a direct mail campaign, which will set you apart from everybody else.

Fluorescent colours that really does catch the eye.

Gold and silver metallic highlights that brings quality to the message and uplifts the image of your business.

This exciting new form of print is easier to produce than you think, and the costs are reachable, compared to the results and returns you will achieve by gaining increased business and new opportunities in your marketplace and provides a very wise investment.

The exciting colour range will uplift all your marketing material and uplift the message and image you have in your marketplace, giving your clients the confidence that your business is innovative and forward thinking.

With the future looking bright and the Covid pandemic lockdown ending now is the time to make the investment to reach out to the marketplace and embrace the new opportunities that are out there

If you want to be ahead of the game and be different, take the time to talk to us and we can show you how this powerful marketing tool can make you stand out from the crowd.