New office printer for our client

Does your office printer think outside the box?

What springs to mind when you’re thinking about your next office printer or copier? Do you tend to focus on the aesthetics, speed, volume of feeds? Cost will always be something that is forefront too. However, isn’t it also important to make sure that the ‘box’ truly delivers and can also do a bit more, whilst keeping the costs as low as possible? Take a look at our recent case study from our client who wanted their office printer to do more.


Recent Office Printer Case Study


New office printer for a recent client The Request


Recently we worked with a new customer of ours. They were looking for a new office printing solution for their business. They required all staff members to have access to their office printers, with excellent security functionality. However, once we started the initial conversations we realised they also required support with document filing. This was creating a high cost to the business. Originally they had been scanning documents by hand and manually filing them. This was to ensure they had all documentation stored correctly for ease of reuse. This was costing the business hours of time every day. Staff were having to take time from their usual activities to complete the work. But, they didn’t have any other solution to their problem. 


The Solution

It was quickly established that our DocuWare package would be the perfect solution to their problems. We could combine this with the Xerox technology to enable them to have smoother running business processes. This would reduce time, whilst improving accuracy and efficiency. 

Both DocuWare and Xerox technology could be integrated to provide a powerful solution for their HR documentation and their accounts, bringing so much more value to the business. 


The Result

Our new customer was ecstatic with the results. 

They now have:

  • Bespoke one touch scanning buttons which feed documents into the Accounts and HR DocuWare workflows automatically.
  • Documents are split from multi page to single pages at the touch of a button, saving time for their busy accounts team. 
  • Invoices are sent through an approval process and matched with purchase orders, providing easy sign off, cross checking, visibility and with full audit trails.
  • HR records such as training certificates are filled with automated alerts for when certification needs updating.

Implementing the new printer and DocuWare software has given them the automation they required. They new now able to ensure their business processes run much more efficiently. It has also provided extra support with automatic alerts which they didn’t have before. This has enabled them to work less manually, have more effective processes and gain back more time for their staff to focus on their main job roles. 

New Office Printer for a recent client




It is brilliant to have a beautiful shiny, new office printer – but, could it be doing a lot more for you?





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