Managed Print Services

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services involve all aspects of your business printing. With DWS we administer your printing processes to ensure these are streamlined. We ensure these processes make your business work more efficiently and effectively, are secure and user-friendly. 

In a working environment, print is often seen as an unavoidable cost that just needs to be paid. However, there are ways that you can make it more cost effective for your business. 


Do you know how much you currently spend on your print production, supplies and maintenance? 

Few businesses have a print strategy in place. As businesses expand they add more and more hardware in a reactive way, rather than considering the cost of everything separately. Employees tend to have their own personal printers at their desks. The thought is that these are more secure and economical than network multifunctional printers, but, this is not the case. 


How can we help?

Through our managed print services we can help you to gain visibility of the printing you currently complete and the amount you are spending on that printing. 

We will then review your current processes and implement new operations to ensure a smooth running of your business. These new processes will make your operations more sleek, efficient and cost effective. 


What does Managed Print Services involve?

When you choose to have managed print services you will benefit from having intelligent printers and copiers that will support your business. Your new printers and copiers will only use colour ink when necessary. They will track your print usage and provide reporting to show full details. You will not have to order ink or toner manually as your printer will automatically order this before it runs out. Engineers are on hand to fix any faults before they become a major problem to your business.

These printers and copiers are proactive and self-sufficient. You and your team will be able to complete your actual job roles, rather than spending time fixing small issues, ordering any required materials or wondering how much budget is required for your printing needs. 

What are the benefits of managed print for your business?


As we mentioned in the section above, reporting is one of the great bonuses of this technology. With these printers and scanners, you can track, analyse and allocate the cost of every document. This reporting provides you with improved accountability. 


With the use of a security code, every user can have private access to the printers and scanners. All confidential information will be protected, ensuring anyone without required access had no view of this documentation. 

Mobile Working 

Many businesses now have some form of remote working in place. With the technology of our printers and scanners your mobile workers can print to any of your devices in any location they choose. 

Automated Ordering 

Minimise the downtime of your printers and scanners! With our automated replenishment of ink and toner when your printer is starting to get low, you won’t have to consider reordering. You will have new ones before you run out. Our highly trainer engineers are also available to fix any issues on site so you will have reduced downtime due to issues. 

Eco Focused

As you will only have the ink and toner and paper you require, there is less wastage. All of our ink cartridges and toner cartridges are recyclable. Xerox is committed to responsible and environmental business practices. Our supplies recycling programmes have kept thousands of tons of supplies out of landfills. Find out more here.

Reduced Costs 

With managed print services, you gain fixed cost printing with our packages. As well as reducing the volume of printers needed, you can also monitor your usage and reduce as required. 


If only all office machinery were as proactive and self-sufficient! As a Xerox concessionaire, we have a product to suit every price point, with the option to lease or buy.

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