Print Management

OptimiDoc Cloud

It makes printing of documents on any device easier and faster regardless of where the task was sent.

It administers individual print tasks and adjusts the final shape of the document directly on the multifunctional device.

Device Security

Locking the device with a login with a card or PIN code.

The user must use their RFID card before using the device. Thanks to many supported standards, customers who already have a card system implemented (e.g. access control) can use their existing cards.
If a customer does not have any card system or if a user forgot their card, a PIN code or the name and password can be used for login. Another possibility how to unlock the device is via the OptimiDoc Mobile app.

Access Rights

You can assign rights to colour printing, copying or digitalisation templates to different groups of users.
You can also define rights on different web interface sections and so enable the manager to see all operations in his/her department.

Secured Data Transmission

It checks data between user and printer
All data are encrypted and secured. OptimiDoc uses the SSL protocol for communication with the device and reception and delivery of print data from the user to the device.
It also uses SSL for the delivery of digitalised documents from a multifunctional device to the server.

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