DWS Excels with Xerox with a global prestigious award

We are thrilled to announce that DWS has earned a place in the prestigious Xerox CEO Club! This annual program is designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding performance, and we are honored to be among the top one percent of Xerox partners who have achieved this distinction.


A Testament to Excellence

Our team at DWS is incredibly proud of this achievement. Delivering extraordinary results and exemplifying the behaviors crucial to our growth over the past year has been our mission, and this recognition from Xerox validates our hard work and dedication. As a key partner of Xerox, we provide businesses in London and the South East of England with cutting-edge Xerox printers and document workflow solutions. Our software enables businesses to manage their documents efficiently, ensuring seamless processes for receiving, filing, and finding documents.


About Xerox

Xerox is a global leader in document management technology and services. With a rich history of innovation, Xerox has transformed the way businesses handle documents, providing reliable and advanced solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. The Xerox CEO Club is an exclusive honor, reserved for the top-performing partners who exemplify the highest standards of excellence and contribute significantly to the company’s growth.


The Exclusive Xerox CEO Club

Earning a place in the Xerox CEO Club is no small feat. This prestigious club includes only the top one percent of Xerox partners worldwide. It is a testament to our commitment to delivering superior service and innovative solutions that drive business success. Being part of this elite group not only highlights our achievements but also sets a benchmark for future performance.


Celebrating in Mexico

The celebration of our accomplishments took place at the beautiful Xcaret Arte in Mexico between April 29 and May 3, 2024. Xcaret Arte is a stunning resort located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, known for its luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views, and rich cultural experiences. Peter attended the celebrations and had the opportunity to network with fellow top performers, share insights, and enjoy a variety of activities that showcase the beauty and heritage of Mexico.

From exploring ancient Mayan ruins to enjoying vibrant cultural performances and indulging in exquisite cuisine, the trip was an unforgettable experience. The perfect setting to celebrate our hard work and success, and we were excited to share this moment with our peers and the Xerox Executive Committee.

Watch the video of the event here.


Looking Ahead

The entire DWS team is excited about this recognition and motivated to continue striving for excellence in providing top-notch document workflow solutions to our valued clients. We are grateful to Xerox for this honor and look forward to many more years of successful partnership and growth.


Thank you to our team and clients for their unwavering support and trust in our services. Here’s to continuing our journey of excellence together!


We hope you share in our excitement and pride as we celebrate this remarkable achievement. Together, we will continue to reach new heights and set standards of excellence in the document workflow solutions industry.


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