Docuware Case Study

“One of the biggest advantages of DocuWare is its modularity and flexibility. The availability of numerous tools means it’s easy to implement ever more complex business processes.”
Geoff Swaby, IT Manager


Contract Vehicles Limited (CVL) is a leading UK provider of fleet management solutions and commercial vehicle hire. Managing a fleet of over 12,000 vehicles to be cost effective and resource efficient requires smart organisational structures. Growth requires innovation.

These are lessons CVL learnt first-hand following a period of rapid expansion.


CVL had to contend with issues such as a huge spike in incoming AP invoices. Within 3 years the number of invoices flowing into the office via post or email had grown from 30,000 to 100,000 each year. At the same time – to accommodate a growing fleet of vehicles – the number of inspection documents legally required by the British Vehicle & Operator Services Agency had grown by a similar amount. It soon became clear that simply adding staff or expanding the company’s paper archive would not accommodate the growth. Furthermore, customers wanted to be able to access important documents at any time, from any location via the internet.


In order to meet their own performance and quality goals, CVL decided to invest in a modern Document Management System (DMS). A variety of systems from different providers were put under the microscope. The main criteria were as follows:
Another important factor was the ability to integrate the new system seamlessly into CVL’s existing IT infrastructure.


DWS provided a custom solution through DocuWare. We demonstrated that DocuWare could fulfil all of the above criteria by undergoing thorough testing. IT Manager, Geoff Swaby, said, “The results confirmed our first impressions. DocuWare was able to handle paper documents as well as digital documents like email in a fast and transparent way. The flexibility and functionality of the system allowed us to simply transfer analog business processes without disrupting our daily workflow.”

Implementation of the DMS started in Purchasing with the digital processing of incoming invoices. The invoices were either imported from Outlook or batch-scanned with the help of a high performance document scanner. In both cases, the documents were automatically classified in the accounting system with relevant index information. They were then routed to the relevant department heads for approval and release for payment. Every step of the workflow was monitored to avoid delays and ensure the benefits of early payment discounts.


Phase 1 of the implementation, which happened in 2013, was so successful that CVL extended the solution in 2014. The goal was to incorporate a filing cabinet of 80,000+ multi-page technical and maintenance documents. This presented a special challenge as the documents were already scanned and stored in a separate filing system, which needed to be brought into DocuWare. The next step was to set up a portal, allowing CVL customers (with access rights) to review all the relevant technical documents of their vehicles online.

CVL drastically reduced their enormous paper volume and improved business processes, making them quicker, more transparent and customer-friendly. The company continues to expand faster than ever before in its 20 year history. DocuWare has played a critical part in helping CVL improve their customer service levels. As Geoff explains, “The positive feedback from our customers shows that they appreciate our expanded service offering. They especially like the ease of working with us”. CVL employees also benefit, since they don’t have to leave their desks to retrieve and review documents. This means greater efficiency and shorter process times. What’s more, their former storage space is now being used more economically.

Due to their incredibly positive experience, CVL plans to extend the DocuWare solution to other departments.