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What headaches do you have with Document Management?

Document Management

Document management has changed enormously over the past 40 years. Originally we’d capture information on paper, archive this paperwork into our storage solution (filing cabinet or even a storage unit). Then, whenever we needed that paperwork for ongoing use, we’d need to retrieve it and hope it had been filed accurately. 










Now we have wonderful solutions that allow us to digitise our paperwork. We can document everything on computers, email these documents to people who may need access and then file them away for future use digitally. We also receive lots of documents too, these documents also need to be analysed, and filed for records. This filing of the documents is still required to be accurate as we need to make sure we place it in the correct folder, with the right access for people, so anyone who needs to see it can find it easily. 

It is this filing of the documents we create and receive that can be the issue. There are often times when documents can be misfiled and therefore lost. One person may file in one area and another in another location, making it so much harder to retrieve when the information is required again. 


Retrieving Documents

Yes, it is easy to retrieve an email quickly if you know the content of what you are looking for and it can be fairly easy if the document has been filed electronically in the right electronic file. However, what if it is a PDF document? What if the document has been put back in the wrong file? Or if the file has been taken out of the office or somebody else has taken it? What happens if the files are kept offsite from the office or in different software applications like CRMs and accounting packages? What time is wasted in retrieving the information and what is the cost? This time is money spent by the business and stressful to the organisation. There are so many touch points with the filing of documents that it has to be logged as a risk to the company.


At DWS we’re not just about printing and copying the documents in paper format, we also have solutions to allow you to accurately share and file these documents too. 

When you have a document that you need to file, whether this is an invoice, personal information, client contract or anything else, then you can do it securely and accurately with DWS. 


Benefits of our document management system

Our document workflow solution enables you to scan a document on one of our Xerox machines and then intelligently index this document and put it into a suitable workflow. This enables you to have your documents stored securely, all in one place, with fully controlled access. 

More benefits for you to consider…

  • All of your documents will be automatically filed at speed with very little manual interaction
  • Information can be found immediately at the touch of a button on any device in the world. 
  • Total compliance and security of your information, meaning you don’t have to worry about theft of information on penalties for non compliance. 
  • The ability to share information and work on projects together at a distance. 
  • No need to store documents in the office or at a large storage facility. 
  • The ability to integrate all of your documents with your CRM, accounting package and any other third party software suites you employ. 

If you’d like to see how DWS can help you with your document management contact us today for a full, free office check. 



Is your business as secure as it could be?

Has your business been impacted by a cyber attack? 

During 2022, 39% of UK businesses identified and reported a cyber attack on their company. These attacks ranged from common phishing attempts to sophisticated attacks such as a denial of service, malware, or ransomware attacks.

A significant portion of these businesses reported substantial financial losses within their organisations, due to these cybersecurity breaches. Specifically, one-third of surveyed organisations incurred losses ranging from £100,000 to £499,999 as a direct consequence. These findings come at a crucial juncture, with cyber attacks witnessing a noticeable uptick in frequency and sophistication.

The escalating capabilities of hackers, who continually leverage advanced technologies to enhance the intricacy of their attacks, emphasizes the critical need for businesses to enhance their IT security measures. In light of these evolving threats, organisations are urged to prioritise and enhance their cybersecurity efforts. They need to safeguard against potential financial and reputational damage.

Cyber Attack through IoT

How do hackers access your IT infrastructure?

As well as malware and phishing attempts, which are more widely known, there are also lesser known ways of accessing your infrastructure. Cybercriminals often look for previously unknown vulnerabilities in software or hardware that can be exploited before developers can patch them. The integration of modern technologies into office environments presents significant opportunities for hackers to operate. A substantial portion of these devices exhibit a notable lack of fundamental security features. 

This issue assumes greater importance in instances where manufacturers neglect to rectify these vulnerabilities, and when users fail to implement essential updates.

IoT devices, which are integral to many modern offices, often possess limited processing and storage capabilities when compared to traditional computing systems. This constraint poses challenges in the installation of robust security applications such as antivirus software. 

A substantial number of older models of IoT devices were not originally engineered with security considerations. This renders them incapable of receiving remote updates. Additionally, many businesses do not have security processes and procedures to monitor certain IoT devices. These devices could be printers, cameras, or television monitors. Concurrently, cybercrime has evolved to make it more accessible and cost-effective for hackers to acquire tools that facilitate high-volume, low-complexity attacks. These tactics are exceptionally effective at infiltrating a multitude of inadequately protected devices such as those mentioned above. 


The following is a well known example of a cyber security incident…

In 2019, cyber actors acquired data from a North American casino by compromising an internet-connected fish tank. The fish tank had sensors connected to a computer, which monitored the temperature, food, and cleanliness of the fish tank. The cyber actor was able to compromise the fish tank, gain access to other areas of the network through lateral movement, and steal data. The lesson here is anything within a business environment or home for that matter is vulnerable.


How can you ensure your IoT devices are more secure?

At Xerox security is of high priority. We understand that the impact of a cyber attack can be detrimental to businesses of any size. At Xerox we know a high volume of attacks can come from devices such as printers. 

Printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) are equipped with several secure print features to protect your organisation’s most sensitive data. Some of these features are shown below:

  • Documents are not released until the right user is at the device and scanned information is protected from unauthorised users.
  • Xerox also protects stored information, using the highest levels of encryption. 
  • Processed or stored data that is no longer required can be deleted using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Department of Defense approved data clearing and sanitisation algorithms.

Xerox software and apps ensure digital data is safeguarded as you share it via the cloud and mobile devices. 

Prevent cyber attacks to your business


What should you do to prevent a cyber attack?

If you’re concerned about a security breaches or cyber attack that could arise from your IoT devices, contact us at DWS to find out more about how our Xerox devices can help your business. 

01444 462980


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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is an essential part of our DWS/Xerox DNA

What does Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging actually mean?

Diversity in the workplace means that employees consist of individuals who bring new perspectives and backgrounds to the table. This refers to who is represented in the employees in a particular company. Some examples of diversity would be gender diversity, age diversity, ethnic diversity, physical ability and neurodiversity and sexual orientation diversity. 

Inclusion means that everyone in the diverse mix of employees feels involved, valued, respected and embedded into the culture of the business. 

When a business is diverse and inclusive then all employees have a sense of belonging. Employee engagement increases as those who feel included and represented are more likely to feel committed to their place of work. 


Xerox and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 

Diversity, Inclusion and belonging are not just words on paper for Xerox, they are part of the core values and they way that Xerox does business. Through teamwork, professionalism, respect and inclusiveness Xerox creates an environment where people can achieve their goals and make clients more successful. 

Xerox understands that happy employees make the workplace, and having strong values around Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging ensures that there are new ways of problem solving and diversity of thought. 



How do we foster an inclusive workplace?

Xerox has one of the most diverse workforces in the world. Our diverse talent is well represented in over 160 different countries around the world and women are especially celebrated with many role models in the company. Xerox has strengthened their leadership capabilities allowing them to take the lead in diversity across the board. Xerox are fair and transparent when it comes to employment, enabling equal opportunities for all. 


What are the benefits of Xerox being a Diverse and Inclusive workplace?

Having such a diverse workplace enables Xerox to have the benefit of different ways of looking at the business. This leads to innovative breakthroughs for customers and more engaging work for the employees.

Employee engagement is paramount at Xerox and having such strong values around diversity and inclusion is just one way in which every member of staff can be heard and feel valued. This is critical to the success of the Xerox name.

As a workplace that does have such strong values, Xerox knows that they can lead the way in the industry and create a foundation where people can be themselves, reach their potential and add substantial value to the work that is completed around the world for all customers.


How do Xerox embed a culture of diversity and inclusion?

Xeros recognises that diversity and inclusion is an area which can’t just have values written on paper and not acted upon. Xerox works endlessly to promote strategies around diversity initiatives to embed them solidly into the company. 

Some of those strategies are outlined here:

  • Our balanced workforce strategy drives equitable people representation in all areas of our company, all around the world.
  • Our work-life programs assist our people in the many aspects of their personal lives. We are pleased that Xerox has been selected as a 2020 Best Companies for Multicultural Women by Working Mother magazine—an honor recognizing companies that create and use best practices in hiring, retaining, and promoting multicultural women in the United States.
  • We educate all of our people on diversity programs, policies and achievements. And, we ensure diversity, inclusion and belonging principles are communicated to all of our people.
  • We continually develop and evolve strategies that leverage diversity to gain a competitive global advantage and to drive market excellence.
  • Our supplier diversity program ensures we are actively committed to purchasing supplies and products from small and diverse enterprises.
  • We address diversity disparities by being transparent, identifying shortfalls and closing those gaps. Read our CSR Progress Summary.
  • We have multiple employee resource groups (ERGs) that focus on member development, engagement, belonging, support and community. These voluntary, employee-led, underrepresented groups foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and play a tremendous role in creating our company culture.

[source Xerox]



Xerox are proud that their values around Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are recognised worldwide and have been privileged to be acknowledged with several awards, including:

“Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality” by the HRC Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index. Xerox has earned a 100% score every year since the survey’s inception.

Xerox has been recognized as a Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) by The Age Friendly Institute

Xerox was also named Top 50 companies for Diversity.

Xerox has been recognised by Disability IN as one of the “2023 Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities”. 

Xerox has been recognized by VETS Indexes for our commitment to recruiting, hiring, retaining, developing, and supporting veterans and the military-connected community.

Xerox has been recognized by Black Enterprise for their unwavering commitment to creating a diverse work environment.


At DWS we are privileged to be associated with a company who are leading the way in having a diverse and inclusive workforce, who not only notices their employees but also goes above and beyond to listen to them and use the diversity for better success.


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Achieving your sustainability goals by choosing the right supplier – Xerox!

Here at DWS sustainability is our responsibility and our promise. As an authorised Xerox Concessionaire we align our values with Xerox. We’re proud of the steps Xerox is taking in preserving our environment.


Targets and Achievements 

Xerox aim to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2040. Initially targets were set in 2003 and since then huge achievements have been made in achieving these objectives. 

  • Between the first baseline year of 2002 and 2016, 320,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) was eliminated
  • In 2016, a goal was created to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by an additional 25% by 2025. This was achieved by year-end 2019.
  • The focus is now to reduce Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by at least 60% by 2030. This is against the company’s 2016 baseline, in line with the ambitious 1.5°C science-based global warming target. This means emissions will have reduced by 85% as compared to emissions in the company’s original 2002 baseline.
  • For Scope 3, the target is to reduce emissions by 35%. This equates to a reduction of over 300,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Source – Xerox


Enhancing Processes

Xerox is a company initially built around printers and copiers. In todays world this has expanded to more digital forms of sharing and securing data. Introducing software such as DocuShare® and FreeFlow® has enabled Xerox and their customers to reduce paper consumption. However, Xerox still recognises there is an obligation to responsibly source paper and enable efficient paper use.

A partnership with Print ReLeaf has given customers the opportunity to contribute to reforestation. The  “You print one, we’ll plant one,”initiative was introduced. By using reporting they can equate the number of trees planted in reforestation in areas of need to reach sustainability targets. 

Chemicals are required during the printing process and throughout the years toxic chemicals have been removed. This reduces the flow of these harmful substances into our water and air and supports with sustainability.

In addition to chemicals other waste is produced therefore Xerox established measures to reduce waste. The collection and reuse / recycling program now results in millions of cartridges and toner containers returned for reuse or recycling each year. Through the Xerox Green World Alliance programme 2.1 million cartridges, toner and containers and other used supply items, equating to 4,400 metric tons have been recycled or reused. 


Sustainability Awards

This year Xerox was proud to achieve the ENERGY STAR® 2023 Partner of the Year Award for Sustainable Excellence.

ENERGY STAR Award Winners are recognised for their industry leadership in manufacturing and marketing energy-efficient products and services. They are also recognised for their commitment to devising and implementing strategies that generate significant savings in our home, structures, and facilities. All to establish a sustainable and healthy environment. 


iPad donated to Autism Support Crawley

Autism Support Crawley – Annual Golf Day

Golf Day – Ifield Golf Club – Rusper Road, Crawley, Sussex, RH11 0LN

Saturday 30th September – 10.45am – 11pm


Autism Support Crawley holds a special place in our hearts, as it’s a charity we’ve cherished for several years. Their unwavering assistance has been instrumental in our personal journey, motivating us to reciprocate with our own support.

Every year since 2013, Autism Support Crawley has organised an Annual Golf Day. A remarkable event that unites those who stand behind the charity’s mission and individuals who have a passion for golf. Together, we come together to raise funds for this exceptional cause

For the past 10 years we have supported this fantastic event. This year, we are sponsoring the first hole at the golf day. Additionally, we’ve contributed the top prize for their raffle, which happens to be an iPad. Our enthusiasm for this annual event is unchanged. Our commitment to supporting the charity remains steadfast throughout the entire year.

Autism Support Crawley 

Autism Support Crawley is a community designed to offer assistance and connection to adults aged 18 and above who fulfill caregiving roles for individuals on the autism spectrum, or those experiencing Social Communication Difficulties, whether they have a formal diagnosis or not. They support families across the counties of Sussex, Surrey, Brighton & Hove, and Kent.

Autism Support Sussex is characterised by its compassion, warmth, and a strong sense of support. It serves as a welcoming space where families and friends can comfortably seek answers to their queries. As well as exchange valuable information, and engage in relaxed conversations.

Autism Support Crawleys primary mission is to provide parents and caregivers with a platform to exchange valuable information and guidance. Every month they host a coffee morning. The aim of this is to give parents and carers an opportunity to share information and advice. They can also offer and receive informal support and have the chance to meet with other parents and carers. Autism Support Crawley encourage the sharing of informal support and foster connections among parents beyond the confines of their group. Occasionally, they feature guest speakers and professionals who deliver updates and insights. They also engage in discussions about their aspirations for their children and young adults, brainstorming ways to create opportunities that align with their vision.

Their inclusive community extends its embrace to parents and caregivers of individuals with autism or those facing social communication challenges, whether they possess a formal diagnosis or not. Furthermore, they maintain a closed Facebook group, alongside public profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep their network connected and informed.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to elevate the profile of this fantastic charity to support them on their journey, to provide more support to families and carers across the South East of England. We aspire to inspire other local businesses to engage with this cause, whether this is through amplifying awareness, extending financial assistance, endorsing event sponsorship or even volunteering as professionals or speakers at one of their coffee mornings. 

To find out more or to support Autism Support Crawley please click here to view their website, send an email to or call 07596 737741.


Abstract background image of a flowchart diagram on a white floor. Computing algorithm concept

Document Processes and Workflows

What will help your organisation reduce overheads and improve productivity? Well defined business processes with the ability to effectively store documents and control them in an automated workflow.

How do we know?

We’ve been implementing our document management system DocuWare long enough to understand how the solution can improve your business internally and for your customers.  We know what works and what changes can be made to enhance customer service and employee satisfaction.

A business process is a series of steps taken in a certain order that once complete, achieves a particular goal. A workflow however describes the automation of these processes and the tools or software used to oversee the sequence of tasks.  A company runs on processes across all departments, but making them work as efficiently as possible is where our solutions can help.

At DWS we will work with you to understand every step of your processes and use our Workflow Manager to connect each step with an action. These actions are based on employee decisions and your business rules.

Well Documented Processes

Well documented processes are perfect for transferring into a digital workflow. If a process already has defined steps, these can be replicated in DocuWare with the same rules applied.  A document can be easily tracked throughout its lifecycle and archived when it no longer needs processing.

If you need some help in determining your processes, we can happily go through this with you using our process planner.  To get the most out of automated workflows it’s a good idea to have everything properly planned out before you make the move to digital.

Workflow Management

With workflow management, complex processes are mapped and managed. A variety of scenarios can be included for processing tasks, with information added from different sources.  If a task is assigned to a member of staff who is on holiday, a number of other employees can be added in as the next in line to complete the task instead.  You decide which conditions are applied to each task, such as an invoice for over £5,000 must be directly routed to the Head of Finance, rather than the Finance Assistant.


Accurately capturing the data that’s entering DocuWare is vital.  For a workflow to function well it relies on processing information, so making sure the data is correct from the beginning is an important step. DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing automatically captures data from scanned documents and uses it to populate index fields.  These index fields are how a document is described and classified to ensure it can be found and assigned correctly.


Tasks are those parts of the process assigned to an individual or team to ensure the workflow can be completed.  With DocuWare, tasks can never ben missed when they are automated and included in the workflow.


1. An invoice is received and is added to the digital cabinet for incoming invoices.  The workflow is triggered.

2. A digital task has been created and DocuWare checks the invoice against a previously stored purchase order.

3. The invoice is forward to Accounts Payable.

4. The invoice appears as a task for the Accounts Department, is checked and if correct, assigned to a cost centre and then moved on for approval.  If incorrect, a task can be created for another team member to investigate further.

Documents are important to all organisations, each having a part in your processes as well as triggering tasks to be performed.

How Well Do Your Processes Work?

Do you have trouble with lost documents, mis-paid invoices or lost orders?  All this can be avoided by implementing a document management system with automated workflows.  Your processes will run more smoothly, the data will be more reliable and employees will be more efficient.

Our clients see a Return on Investment almost immediately with the biggest gain being time to invest into more productive areas of the business, rather than chasing missing invoices or managers for approval.

Can your business afford to carry being inefficient with no transparency?  Or do you need to make change today?

Book a FREE Proces Assesment

Independent Private Schools

How Does Managed Print Management Work For Independent Private Schools?

For most educational institutions, print is a costly monthly burden that can quickly add up. However with our managed service for schools you will have access to secure and easy printing from any device while protecting sensitive student information – all for a fixed fee.

Print management gives the school’s administrators tools to find inefficiencies in their printer networks. With so much hustle and bustle, important processes and systems often get overlooked or pushed aside.

By implementing a managed print solution service, schools can save time and money by eliminating future headaches. The educators’ attention can then be focused on what matters most – keeping students safe and helping them to learn at school.

A robust managed print service for educational establishments will go beyond print management and include value added features that enables students and teachers to print responsibly, safely and efficiently each and every school day.

Educational institutions that partner with one of our managed print services will be able to implement a custom all-inclusive managed print service, which will save time and money without sacrificing productivity and most importantly, will provide a reliable and accessible secure print environment for all students and faculty.

What Should a Managed Print Service for Schools Look Like?

The foremost priority of every school is to facilitate learning, so they need to be equipped with the tools and technology to enable students. When teachers’ valuable time is spent attending to print problems, the quality of education decreases with students being left at a disadvantage.

A comprehensive print management system can quickly provide any school environment secure print workflows that grant greater accessibility and enhanced data security for the students and teachers.

So, the question is, what key elements and features make up a robust print management service?

The service should include

Easy To Use Dashboard

An intuitive web-based dashboard makes it easy for administrators to keep up with equipment repair and maintenance schedules even across the bigger educational establishments. 

Point Policy Management and Rules Based Printing

These tools shape the print environment based on the school’s user behaviour. For example, a school can implement an eco-friendly print policy that encourages users to take responsibility for their printing habits by discouraging users from printing emails or web pages in Colour.

Find Me Printing

This feature provides the ability to deliver one logically named print que to staff and students, increasing confidence that the print job is being securely printed.

Badge Release and Follow Me Print

Teachers, students, and staff can utilise their access control cards or fobs to securely release print jobs at their own convenience, from any printer within the school with the correct permissions.

Touchless Print

In this post pandemic world, schools should limit the number of physical touch points in their environment. Touchless release allows staff members to walk up to a printer and use their phone to scan a QR code quickly and conveniently to immediately see the print jobs that they have readily available within the print system.

Print Deploy

IT managers can implement the right printer drivers in the right queues at the right time, minimizing printer deployment time.

Mobility Print

Securely and easily print remotely or print outside the school network by sending print jobs over the internet

Benefits of a comprehensive Managed Print Service for Schools and Education?

Educational institutions that employ a custom-made managed print service can expect to see immediate advantages. The benefits of a comprehensive print service include,

  • Data Security Compliance
  • Drastically reduced costs and waste
  • Greater Accessibility
  • Serverless printing Infrastructure

Do you Need an Extensive Xerox DWS Print Management Service for your School?

When choosing the right print management service, you should employ an all-inclusive solution that reduces costs, improves accessibility, maximises productivity, and ensures data security and regulatory compliance.

A truly extensive print management service will also address safety concerns associated with COVID – 19 protocols through advanced added features (such as touchless release) to provide peace of mind for everybody within the school environment during these uncertain times.

Schools that partner with our award-winning managed print service will implement a custom print management system and are investing not only in the productivity of their students and faculty but their safety as well. This all – encompassing, systematic approach to print management will ensure the successful implementation.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact us on 01444 462980 

Digital Mailroom

Process Improvement Ideas: A Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom is the effective and digital (believe it or not!) way of managing all incoming post. Sorting electronic and paper mail in a timely manner to ensure they reach the right department when needed.

Remember when receptionists could sit for hours each day, opening the post with a letter knife and walking around the office delivering mail to the right person? I do, as it used to be me!

That may still partly be the case for some organisations but these time consuming processes cause delays and affect how businesses communicate with customers and suppliers.

A digital mailroom provides a pathway to change by reducing paper use, limiting the need to print and efficiently organising information.

Think about amount of inbound data your business receives; in the post, via email, phone calls, web orders and then how it’s organised and by who. Is everyone following the same system and is information being stored in the same way?

If the answer is no, things could be getting a little hectic and during busy times, your existing processes could buckle under the pressure.

A Digital Mailroom and Document Management

Digital Mailroom

Digital mailroom solutions mean your incoming post is dealt with and stored in the same way by everyone no matter what format it is received in.

With a Document Management System, paper documents are scanned in while emails can be automatically stored from an inbox. Whether it’s a supplier invoice or a contract with a new customer, all incoming data gets stored in one central and secure location.

Only authorised users can use the system and access to documents can be strictly controlled, for                                    example HR are the only employees able to view staff records.

Integration with Internal Systems

Integration with Internal Systems

With DocuWare’s Connect to Outlook functionality, the system can integrate with Office 365 and automatically store emails from your inbox, making email management simple.

It can remove shared mail box headaches by monitoring a watch folder and when emails meet a certain criteria defined by you on implementation, they are pushed into document trays to be dealt with accordingly. Any incoming post marked as urgent for example, can be immediately forwarded to management.

Once a document is in DocuWare users can choose whether to trigger a workflow. If they select yes, a task is generated for the relevant person in the process. Whether it’s an invoice to be approved or a CV to be read, once the task is complete, a digital stamp can be applied to the document.

Intelligent Indexing

In order for any digital mailroom to operate successfully, accurate data, captured at the start of a process is vital. If incorrect information flows through the business, whether it’s from manual entry or missing information, problems will occur.

Once a document is in DocuWare, Intelligent Indexing runs on it to extract the most important pieces of information that are relevant for the organisation– dates, names, reference numbers etc. This information then becomes the document search criteria, bringing results back                                                              in seconds.

Intelligent Indexing is based on machine learning and with each scan, begins to remember where to find the most valuable information on a document. Any manual corrections are learnt too, continually increasing in speed and accuracy.

DocuWare can be linked with any business system. An invoice can arrive, be processed, stored and pushed to a Finance package without any manual intervention.

GDPR Compliant Software

With so many data protection regulations to follow it’s important to ensure any incoming post containing personal data is dealt with efficiently and compliantly.

The penalties for a GDPR infringement can range from a warning from the Information Commissioners Office to a maximum fine of 4% of an organisation’s annual global turnover.

With this in mind, any system used to process personal data needs to be GDPR compliant. DocuWare can help – it is quick and easy to locate any personal data stored within documents. It can export, correct and delete personal data while ensuring this data is protected for as long as it’s in the system.

The Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom can be tailored to suit business processes and requirements. By automating incoming mail from receipt, through to capture and storage, organisations can benefit from a reduction in postage, print, physical storage and staff costs.

Adopting a digital mailroom will also help to reduce paper use, increase customer satisfaction and give staff more time to focus on other tasks away from the admin of processing mail.

Information coming from a variety of sources is electronically captured and classified meaning it’s readily available and accessible at any point in a process. Management can easily see where an invoice or a customer order is up to, as well as any tasks that haven’t been complete.

From experience with our clients using document management software, we know this level of automation works and they see the ROI.

If you’re thinking about implementing a digital mailroom, we offer free process assessments that can help.  We will chat with you about how you currently work, understand the challenges you’re facing and explain how an automated solution will streamline your processes.

Xerox® Adaptive Colour

How are you going to stand out now the race for business is on, as Lockdown draws to a close?

Well, you can shine and glow with more than a million colours at your disposal and really broadcast your message.

In this day and age where email marketing campaigns are losing their impact, more than ever it is important to advertise your business and stand out against the crowd to get your message across. The printed word with images is taking centre stage again and with targeted bespoke marketing you can really get your key unique selling points to the audience you wish to engage with and obtain powerful results.

How can you do this?

The Ground-breaking Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit adds shiny metallics, bold whites, and glowing fluorescent colours extending your palette to more than a million colours using 11 new toners.

That means more opportunity to bring ideas to life. And more ways to get printed pieces noticed and setting you apart from the competition in your business sector.

The invitation that shines and glows and brings a unique quality to the message.

A metallic texture that looks real to touch on a poster or a direct mail campaign, which will set you apart from everybody else.

Fluorescent colours that really does catch the eye.

Gold and silver metallic highlights that brings quality to the message and uplifts the image of your business.

This exciting new form of print is easier to produce than you think, and the costs are reachable, compared to the results and returns you will achieve by gaining increased business and new opportunities in your marketplace and provides a very wise investment.

The exciting colour range will uplift all your marketing material and uplift the message and image you have in your marketplace, giving your clients the confidence that your business is innovative and forward thinking.

With the future looking bright and the Covid pandemic lockdown ending now is the time to make the investment to reach out to the marketplace and embrace the new opportunities that are out there

If you want to be ahead of the game and be different, take the time to talk to us and we can show you how this powerful marketing tool can make you stand out from the crowd.

Working From Home

Working From Home

As we head into 2021, many employees will have worked from home for nine months with no real date of when they will see the inside of their office building again.  Not only have organisations had to manage people working across multiple locations, but organise hardware and software to ensure work can continue as near to normal as possible.

According to the BBC’s Future Forum research of 4,700 knowledge workers, the majority never want to go back to the old way of working. Only 12% want to return to full-time office work, and 72% want a hybrid remote-office model moving forward.  Is your organisation in a position to offer this flexible working?

Cost effective cloud-based solutions

This year has shown that if anything is going to slow down production, its inadequate technology.  Processes that could once be done seamlessly in the office needed to be replicated in a home environment.  Poor VPN connection, no accessible or centralised documents and processes that fall down when paper can’t be passed between departments has made this difficult.  This is where a cloud document management system can help.

Cloud based software can be used remotely to streamline processes and create automated workflows.  Working in the cloud means problems with internal networks are eliminated and employees can work at the same pace from any location.  A cloud based model can also be more cost effective and means there’s no need to make large investments in new hardware.  It’s suitable for organisations of any size, across any industry and is scalable depending on your requirements.

While working from home compliance issues could arise through data mismanagement, problems with document version control or duplication of effort.  Having the right tools in place to ensure guidelines are followed, minimises risk and provides full process visibility needed by management. Our cloud based solutions have high levels of security, offering strong user authentication, multi-level access control for documents, 256-bit encryption and HTTPS data transfer.

If your organisation is looking to offer its employees continued or enhanced flexibility as we move towards next year, look into the benefits a cloud based document management system could bring.