iPad donated to Autism Support Crawley

Autism Support Crawley – Annual Golf Day

Golf Day – Ifield Golf Club – Rusper Road, Crawley, Sussex, RH11 0LN

Saturday 30th September – 10.45am – 11pm


Autism Support Crawley holds a special place in our hearts, as it’s a charity we’ve cherished for several years. Their unwavering assistance has been instrumental in our personal journey, motivating us to reciprocate with our own support.

Every year since 2013, Autism Support Crawley has organised an Annual Golf Day. A remarkable event that unites those who stand behind the charity’s mission and individuals who have a passion for golf. Together, we come together to raise funds for this exceptional cause

For the past 10 years we have supported this fantastic event. This year, we are sponsoring the first hole at the golf day. Additionally, we’ve contributed the top prize for their raffle, which happens to be an iPad. Our enthusiasm for this annual event is unchanged. Our commitment to supporting the charity remains steadfast throughout the entire year.

Autism Support Crawley 

Autism Support Crawley is a community designed to offer assistance and connection to adults aged 18 and above who fulfill caregiving roles for individuals on the autism spectrum, or those experiencing Social Communication Difficulties, whether they have a formal diagnosis or not. They support families across the counties of Sussex, Surrey, Brighton & Hove, and Kent.

Autism Support Sussex is characterised by its compassion, warmth, and a strong sense of support. It serves as a welcoming space where families and friends can comfortably seek answers to their queries. As well as exchange valuable information, and engage in relaxed conversations.

Autism Support Crawleys primary mission is to provide parents and caregivers with a platform to exchange valuable information and guidance. Every month they host a coffee morning. The aim of this is to give parents and carers an opportunity to share information and advice. They can also offer and receive informal support and have the chance to meet with other parents and carers. Autism Support Crawley encourage the sharing of informal support and foster connections among parents beyond the confines of their group. Occasionally, they feature guest speakers and professionals who deliver updates and insights. They also engage in discussions about their aspirations for their children and young adults, brainstorming ways to create opportunities that align with their vision.

Their inclusive community extends its embrace to parents and caregivers of individuals with autism or those facing social communication challenges, whether they possess a formal diagnosis or not. Furthermore, they maintain a closed Facebook group, alongside public profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep their network connected and informed.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to elevate the profile of this fantastic charity to support them on their journey, to provide more support to families and carers across the South East of England. We aspire to inspire other local businesses to engage with this cause, whether this is through amplifying awareness, extending financial assistance, endorsing event sponsorship or even volunteering as professionals or speakers at one of their coffee mornings. 

To find out more or to support Autism Support Crawley please click here to view their website, send an email to admin@autismsupportcrawley.co.uk or call 07596 737741.