Colourfast Review of V280 Printer

About Colourfast

Colourfast Group Limited have completed a review of Colourfast Review of our V280 Printer. Colourfast  is a wonderful print shop based in the North Laine in Brighton. They’ve been delivering stunning quality design and print services to the local Brighton community and beyond for over 34 years. 

Colourfast have a fully comprehensive design service as well as offering an array of print options. They have recently expanded their services to offer web design too. Their work extends to publishing the Quick Print Pro magazine and they are also organisers of the Print Trade Expo Exhibition.

It’s fair to say owner and Director Peter Foulkes is an undisputed expert in the world of digital print. 


Colourfast Introduction

DWS were delighted when approached by such a large printing influence, in the city of Brighton, in 2017. During 2017 Peter and his team had installed a Xerox Versant V80 by DWS. We have continued to work with Colourfast since then, providing them with maintenance throughout. 

In 2024 they realised it was time to upgrade this trusty digital press to a newer model. 


V280 Printer

Colourfast Review of V280 Printer

When considering an upgrade from the V80 model, Colourfast needed to review how their original decision had stacked up. They also needed to deliberate on how print trends have changed over time. 

Some of the changes noted within the seven years difference were that customers wanted shorter turnarounds and shorter runs. This meant that speed and efficiency was paramount. They did query the cost and here is a quote from Peter on that cost. 


On our present print volumes the new lower running costs of the V280 funded the rental. So same monthly billing for an upgraded print press.


Results of new printer

Colourfast were elated with their new machine. They loved that quality was not compromised by speed, they could have both with the Xerox V280. They can gain higher selling prices with colour matching or introducing embellished, neon or foil looking print. This can all be achieved with their new printer. High demand items such as flyers and posters were simple to print for their new V280 and the automation included for them was outstanding. 

Don’t just take our word for it, you can read Colourfasts own blog titled Xeros V280 – no brainer, in their words here.


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If you’d like to take the advice of Colourfast and upgrade your model to one that will service your business in an improved way, just like the V280 has done for Colourfast, contact us today at 

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